About me:

My background has given me hands on experience in all facts, General Media( ex: interface, Graphic's, 3D/2D, Video Editing.), team leading and organizing and well based approach facing other cooperatives and this would contribute to your organization’s goals and objectives.
As part of my personality being strong headed well organized and talented I have good communication skills, strong attention to detail, and unparalleled work ethic. i have a practical approach to any type of project issued controlling my part at maximum and finishing jobs perfectly under specific needs and requirements without diminishing work quality. My reputation precedes me for finishing and understanding the team ideas and thoughts and projects or schedule creating a safe and productive work environment full of trust. 

Holder of the S.A.T in English

Italian Language Certificate

Enrolled in French Program 

Assessment Level 1: Promethean Planet Interactive White board (United Kingdom) 

Masters in 3D/2D animation Design

BA in Multimedia Audio / Video Production

UAE - Lebanon